Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Middle Child Theory Lesson

Over and over again.

It’s a pattern.

My middle child starts acting up. I’ve tried to convince myself that the middle child theory is just that—a theory…but she works to prove me wrong. Deeply longing for my attention, she does not always go about the right way to receive it. And as if it were my first “aha” moment, I realize that some alone time would do us some good. This evening was just one of those moments.

All day, getting ready for a long trip and feeling heavily ignored, she vied for my attention, and she managed to get it…the WRONG way. Just as I thought I had a moment of escape to run a a last-minute errand, the Lord spoke to my heart: “Take her with you. The alone time will do you good.”

Noooooooooo, I want to be alone. I felt a stronger urge from Him, and I obeyed (this time).

By the end of our outing, she was cheery, loving, affectionate and compliant. She had one question and gripe after another for me, because she had been waiting to get me alone. Deprived earlier, she was now able to get her fill. I was actually refreshed afterwards too. It felt so good to see a smile on her face planted there from her heart.

I couldn’t help but reflect on our experience this evening during my own aloneness with the Lord. I am His middle child. When I don’t have the perfect amount of alone time with Him, I am miserable—squawking, moaning, whining, ungrateful…unholy. I desperately need my alone time with my Heavenly Daddy. It is absolutely essential for me.

So hopefully, as I head to the mountains…I can experience some extraordinary alone time with Him. And may I be quick to listen when He asks me to give some of that back to my own family.

Guess what…YOU are His middle child too. Be ever mindful of your need to be up close, personal and all by yourself with Him, whether in a beautiful place or in the middle of your living room. He will give you just what you need to keep your heart humming for all to hear. He is your Lifeline to love, to joy, to peace, to patience, to kindness, to goodness, to faithfulness, to gentleness and to self-control.

Together, let’s prove the middle child syndrome wrong, shall we?

Over and over again.

“You have made known to me the paths of life;
You will fill me with joy in Your presence.”
Acts 2:28, NIV

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Blessed One said...

Ooh Laura, this is good. It seems like it is so easy to let things get in the way of my alone time with Daddy, but then I DO suffer the consequences for it. Great lesson and thanks for sharing! Blessings to you! ~ Tracy

Laury said...

Praying you get that much-needed alone time both with God and your hubby. Great devo today, darling!

Joanne Sher said...

WONDERFUL devotional, sweet Laura! This is definitely advice I should heed (especially me!!!). Praying for you, dearie. Thank you SO much for sharing your insights with us :)

Mocha with Linda said...

That's great!

Congrats on being CWO Blog of the Month!!

Spring said...

This is my first visit your blog. It really touched my heart and the title caught my attention since I'm a middle child [hehe] But the way you brought the spiritual lesson in and how we are all God's middle child was perfecto! I have noticed if I neglect my time alone with Him I have a harder time getting through my day. -Azure

Patty Wysong said...

This brought tears, LaLee--I'm a middle child in more than one way, and you've got this sooooooo right!!

I miss you already!!
Have a wonderful trip!

Dee Yoder said...

Love this, Laura. I am a middle child, but I went the other way as a child when I felt ignored-I'd disappear into myself and shut myself away. I can see that I still follow that same pattern when I'm hurt or lonely. I hold myself away from God; try to go it alone without His help; disappear into my own strength (which isn't much these days!) and all along I need to be running TO Him. Very touching and tender, Laura. May your time with God and your husband be filled with rich blessings and good things! Miss you already, Sweet Friend.

Leah said...

Found you from CWO blog of the month!! Congratulations. What a beautiful post. We do so very much need that alone time with our Lord, but so often we don't realize it until we are acting out so terribly that we embarrass ourselves!! Thanks for this wonderful reminder. We are headed off camping for some of that alone time this weekend.

Have a blessed 4th.