Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Lying Truth

A few years ago, I had gone to my dr. for a checkup on my thyroid. I was so excited to get on the scale (for once), because all that working out and healthy eating was surely going to reap for me the joy of good numbers. You can imagine the huge load of disappointment as I saw that my load had not lightened at all—there was actually a gain. I ranted emotionally to my doctor about how hard I had been working and how healthy I had been eating as she looked at me with pure skepticism.

She didn’t believe me!

A few days later, I found the humility to mention this scenario to my close, no-nonsense friend, who also happens to be a nurse. She always has a way of getting me to look at myself honestly without hurting my feelings. (It’s a gift!) She suggested that I try an online fitness diary to track what I was eating and what activity I was doing. That way, I would have something to take to the Dr. and show her so that we could get to the bottom of it. I mulled it over for a few weeks, then decided to try it. After just a few days of tracking, I realized that I had not been doing as well on my calorie intake OR burning as I had previously thought.

Was I mistaken before, or had I just convinced myself that I was doing it all right?

OUCH! The truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it? It hurts, but it can help as well. The Lord took this one scenario and reminded me to apply it spiritually.

Psalm 119:29a (NLT) says:  
“Keep me from lying to myself.”  

What wisdom this Psalm writer was given to pray for this! Many lies told outwardly start with believing them in the first place, don’t they? It may be to cope, or to hold on to pride, or to stay comfortable with our routine. Regardless, the Lord wants us to examine this regularly. Every time I do, He shows me the little extra calories of falsehood I’ve put into my mouth, and I’m so thankful He loves me enough to do so.

Here’s the challenge:

Let’s take some time today and ask if we have been honest with ourselves about where we are with the Lord. Do we think we are closer to the Savior than we actually are? Do we think we are living by the Word, when in fact, we've hardly been meditating upon it? Are we open to examine suggestions from others and align it with God’s Truth?

Or in the opposite case, have you allowed someone who loves you to make you believe untruths about yourself? Do you repeat over and over that you're nothing, when in fact, in Jesus you are a capital "S" Something?

When we allow lies to become truth to us, then we begin to tell lies to others, and maybe even to God. When the lying truth becomes comfortable to us, life itself can begin to weigh us down… Check out in Psalm 119 how many times truth is mentioned. A LOT! Notice as you read your Bible, how often the subject comes up as well. A TON!!!! Jesus is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life, right? The TRUE truth matters, so let’s read it, think it and live by it as His Spirit has the ability to do through us. Let’s weigh ourselves in the light of His truth today.
Jeremiah 17:10, NLT
"But I, the LORD, search all hearts
and examine secret motives.
I give all people their due rewards,
according to what their actions deserve." 
Father God, All-Knowing, All-Seeing Mighty One, I am in awe of Your awesomeness. The fact that You know how pitiful I am, yet You love me anyway. I can fool others. I can even fool myself. But I can never ever never fool You. Thank You. Thank You for loving me in spite of myself. Thank You for knowing just how to handle this fleshly daughter. Thank You for setting me free from so many things. Lord, please help me to live and walk in Your Truth, to know how much You desire it from me. Strengthen me, I pray, in the name of Jesus, my Redeemer, Amen.

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Di Smith said...

Thanks Laura Lee. Just wanted you to know that the last few blog posts have been like an arrow to my heart. Your words have pushed through the fog and "calories of falsehood" I was wallowing in. (Incredible metaphor btw!)

So thank you, thank you so much for being faithful to your readers and speaking right to my heart and needs.

HaleyGrace said...
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Unknown said...

I am glad he searches my heart and motives! I'm Sure I lie to myself all the time and justify my actions cause it's just so easy to deceive myself!! I'm so glad you brought this up- great example with your thyroid experience. Thank you for giving your precious time to women who are desperate to hear how we can improve our faith walk!

Sherri Ward said...

Great analogy, thanks for the Truth!

Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.com

You are so right! For me, it usually takes a couple of days before I realize Ive deceived myself. Its never pretty to admit sin, is it?

Unknown said...

Hey Laura,
I've had some "friends" in the past who turned out to be compulsive liars. One guy lived in a dream world that he'd made up for himself. The other lied so often that he began to believe his own lies. And when somebody caught him in a lie, well of course he'd lie again to cover up the first one. To us, it took a while to realize the truth of their lies. But to the Lord, He knows the heart and picked it up long before they even said their first lie.
Jesus said "I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life." On a previous blog I'd read, somebody mentioned about always wanting to be in control. I wonder if maybe the reason people lie is b/c they don't want to believe the truth, so they make up something they can accept. But either way, it's still a lie.

Thanks for your post. It makes one think.

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