Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No, Slow, Grow or Go?

Lately, while my tall, hairy son sits beside me in the car, (only in the driver's seat now), I am reminded how many times I've heard from others older and wiser than me how fast time flies. It takes experiencing it personally to grasp the truth of that. My son, a sophomore. My oldest daughter, a junior higher. My baby girl in double digits...I'm blown away, and it makes me teary-eyed, yet excited for what lies ahead.

I'm now recalling when my devo ministry began...with only six of my precious ministry teammates in drama, growing now to many I don't even know personally. Then Selah the blog was started to expand it further still. Since then, my readers walked with me through screaming toddler tantrums, revelations of being a better wife and homemaker, taking care of aging family members, numerous deaths in the family, tales of schooling my kids at home, major ministry decisions and the fleshing out of my spiritual life, growing from legalism to faith-filled freedom. From my perspective, the spiritual years have flown by too.

At the beginning of the summer, I made the commitment to take time off from writing devotionals--for my ministry edevo recipients--as well as for this blog and my website. I've used that extra time, even though there was little extra, to pray, to evaluate what I need to be doing ministry-wise, etc. My prayer team has been praying alongside me as well. I've consulted others and taken time to hear from the Lord before I made my decision.

I've decided to discontinue all 3 of these ministries, which of course puts a permanent pause on Selah. Though some have advised me that it's not wise to let go of any email distribution list or blog that is growing numerically, the Lord's work has shifted for me at this season of life. I don't want to continue something just because it gives me a larger audience, especially if I can't make it as excellent as it needs to be. The Holy Spirit has been leading me more toward article-writing and speaking. So I'm going to obey, write articles for websites and magazines and speak when it doesn't collide with the family schedule.

When I was a kids' worship leader, I used to lead the younger kids in a cool little song called No, Slow, Grow and Go (Troy & Genie Nilsson) in an effort to teach them about some of the ways God answers our prayers. Right now, I believe the Lord has me in a slow and grow season. These words keep repeating in my head: "Don't worry about numbers. Just write when you can write and speak when you can speak, and I'll do the rest." Over and over and over I've heard this echo, even in messages I've heard. So that's what I'm gonna do. After all, I pray to "walk by faith, not by sight."

Just as God has been changing and growing me, I'm sure He is doing the same in your life. The Lord will guide you into His Truth through whatever person, whatever means, whatever venue He sees that you need. If you have interest in reading what the Lord lays on my heart, please consider subscribing to my web blog: I post on there 2-4 times a week, depending on time. I also post short messages once or twice a day on my Twitter page, as well as my professional Facebook page. Also, if you need a speaker for your moms', women's or ministry team group, please don't hesitate to contact me. All of that info is at

And because I can't help meddlin' a little, allow me to ask you one question. Do you need to evaluate where God has you in life--in family, in ministry, in recreation? Has something He originally called you to become something you need to ask, "Lord, no, slow, grow or go? What do you want me to do?" If so, don't hesitate to wait on Him to lead you right where you need to be. Let's agree together not to go even a half step ahead of him or lag even a tiny bit behind Him. Let's shoot for walking all the way in the Spirit.

Love you all, and I hope to hear from you anytime, whether by email, blog, Facebook or Twitter. Thank you so much for supporting me and praying me through all these years. It has been a sanctifying journey, and one I hope you'll continue with me at

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Joanne Sher said...

I love how prayerfully you consider every decision, my dear. You know I'll be following you wherever you are.

dandelionfleur said...

I really look forward to seeing how this stage of your life takes off, Laura. Like, Jo, I'll follow you wherever.

Julie Gillies said...


I know you didn't make your decisions lightly. It is always wise to obey what God clearly shows us. Always.

May He bless you and cause you to prosper in every area.

Glad I'll still see you on FB & Twitter. (((Hugs)))

Unknown said...

Sounds like very wise thinking involved in this long process of decision. A true woman of God listening to His voice all along the way.

Connie Arnold said...

It's good that you are letting your faith lead you to what God wants you to do. When you follow the Holy Spirit's leading, your ministry can continue to touch more and more lives. Blessings to you!