Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Vogue

In my quiet time this morning, God caused me to pause and ponder this:

"So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It's your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it." (Colossians 3:12, The Message)
It's amazing to me that the Lord gave me the Holy Spirit, and I can wear Him every day. I don't want to wear my flesh while His beautiful garments lay on the shelf of my heart. As I trust, surrender and obey, the Lord's compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline & love will radiate. And His colors definitely look the best on me. :)

Lord, I praise You and thank You for giving me the Holy Spirit. It gives me hope & encouragement to know I don't need to go it me to be in vogue with You. Have Your way in me today, I pray.

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Denise said...

Amen, I stand with you dear in that beautiful prayer. I love you.

Yvonne Blake said...

"...dresssed in His rightteousness alone, faultless I stand before the throne..."

You put a new tune in my!


Joanne Sher said...

Wow - what a profound and wonderful thought. Love the analogy (and you!)

Dee Yoder said...

Love...the basic, all-purpose Love this!

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

The Message states it so beautifully. I can spend a lot of time deciding what to put on each day. I should remember to be as careful about my spiritual dress. It's great to see your blog up and running once again! :) Hugs!

Kathy C. said...

Laura Lee, what a great picture you painted today. I'm not much of a "fashionista", but this is one way I definitely want to be in "vogue". :) Thank you for you lovely post today!

Laury said...

Thank you for these verses, Laura. Just the 'school clothes' I need to make sure I have for this new year. Love you.

Unknown said...

Laura, I love your post. I love the picture I see in my mind when you describe choosing to wear the flesh instead of the beautiful garments of the Holy Spirit that God has provided for me. Very powerful.

God bless,