Monday, August 10, 2009

Kindred Spirit Encouragement

I'm always amazed how the Lord brings about encouragement at the perfect time. Filled with the blues of getting ready for school to start on top of coming down from the mountain of my She Speaks high, the Lord put a beautiful greeting card in my mailbox from a very special sister in the Lord.

Have you met Darlene from Kindred Spirits Greetings? She's a humble lady and probably will be embarrassed that I mentioned her in this public way, but she blessed me so much!

Here's how. She sent me this custom made card just to encourage me in the ministry God has given me. I had no idea how beautiful her cards were, WOW. And because God has gifted her with the ability to write content as well, she wrote me a special message:

"LauraLee...a heart filled with desire for true intimacy with her beloved.
A woman of compassion sharing the love of our Creator~
by reaching around the globe to strangers along the way.
A bridge of love built by one.
Kindred of the Most High, through the blood of our Savior.
One mind, one people, one nation.
Set apart from our once unrighteous state of being.

By touching His throne from the depth of our hearts~
the beauty within each of our individual relationships with Him unfolds.
As our passion to know Him grows we begin to understand
how each trial, each heartache and each loss
lovingly reconstructs our thinking, our desires, our will, into His dna
heirs to HIs throne indeed; through the Blood of our Salvation.
You touched my heart, LauraLee."
(c) Copyright 2009 Kindred Spirits Greetings
by Letha Darlene

I had to share this powerful act of encouragement and sisterly love by a kindred spirit in Christ. May we all remember when the Lord prompts us to bless another with our gifts and talents to do so, like Letha Darlene. And if you want to see the incredible variety of creativity she has with her greeting cards, visit her website, Kindred Spirits Greetings.

7 friends shared a comment:

Denise said...

She is a beautiful blessing, like you my friend.

Debbie Petras said...

I LOVE people who encourage others. I will check out her link to see the greeting cards. I'm always on the lookout for things like this.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

What a beautiful gift of generosity and grace!

Laury said...

I love that she reached out to you and blessed you like that. What timing! Love you, Laura. Praying the best for your day. mwa

Joanne Sher said...

Just BEAUTiful! What a wonderful soul.

lori said...


I LOVE this post!! Listen...we NEED to are NEXT in line for the 3 hour non stop chat:) !!

Seriously...why don't you just move next door...I'll bring goodies over everyday and then we'll walk it all off...:)


email me your # again and we'll chat IRL:)


Cathy said...

What a precious gift of encouragement ~