Monday, February 15, 2010

Giveaway of "Thin Places: A Memoir"

"The greatest success stories are written by people who, against seemingly overwhelming and often insurmountable odds, have accepted their trials and turned them into opportunities for personal growth and stepping stones on their pathway to success. With God's help you can do the same. Trust him and choose friends who will empower you to do so."

Dick Innes

I saw this quote the other day and thought of Mary DeMuth. She has spent her writing career showing how God has turned her trials into triumph. Because I deeply believe in her latest project, Thin Places: A Memoir, I'd like to give one away.

If you are interested, click here to read my review of her book on my new personal blog, and be sure to leave a comment over there. You might share how God has rescued you from a difficult past or circumstance, or you can take a moment to encourage Mary or another commenter.

If you've read the advance copy of her book, feel free to leave the link to your review as well. Anyone who leaves a comment here by March 1st is eligible to win this giveaway.

3 friends shared a comment:

Andrea said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on arise 2 write.
Hugs, andrea

Barbee Eberhart said...

Turning 60 last week I find that the more years I gather this side of glory the less I truly understand about our Lord, and the more I find that that is totally fact that is precisely what makes Him God.

windycindy said...

I read your review and what a truly touching memoir! I have grown up with a port wine birthmark on the left side of my face. My childhood was rather difficult at times with the stares and questions!
I would love to read her book.
Many thanks, Cindi