Tuesday, September 2, 2008


"Sometimes I go to God and say,
'God, if Thou dost never answer another prayer while I live on this earth, I will still worship Thee as long as I live and in the ages to come for what Thou hast done already.'
God’s already put me so far in debt that if I were to live one million millenniums I couldn’t pay Him for what He’s done for me."
A.W. Tozer (Worship: The Missing Jewel, 24).

Lord, I will remember your deeds, and yes, Your miracles of long ago. I will meditate on all Your works and consider all Your mighty acts. Your ways, O God, are holy. What god is so great as You are? I remember that You, Oh God, have been my Rock, that You, the Most High, have redeemed me. I will look to You and Your strength, always seeking Your face. I will remember the wonders You have done, miracle after miracle, and also the judgments You pronounced. Glorious and majestic are Your deeds, and Your righteousness endures forever. You have caused me today to remember Your wonders. You are so gracious and compassionate. In the night I will remember Your name , O Lord, and I will keep Your law. May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth if I do not remember You. You are my highest joy. I meditate on the fact that long ago, You said, "I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions, for My own sake, and remembers your sins no more." Thank you, Lord. I will remember the former things, those of long ago. YOU are God, and there is no other.YOU are God, and there is none like You. You have forgiven my wickedness and remembered my sins no more. Yes, Lord, I remember, and I could never pay You back for all that You have done for me. And you wouldn't even ask me to. I love you, God. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Prayer adapted from the following NIV Scriptures: Psalm 77:11-13, Psalm 78:35, Psalm 105:4-5, Psalm 111:3-5, Psalm 119:55, Psalm 137:6, Psalm 143:5, Isaiah 43:25, Isaiah 46:9, Hebrews 8:12

In the Key of HE,

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Laurie Ann said...

Very precious and moving post, Laura Lee!

Gigi said...

Oh how true...we OWE, yet HE paid with the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you, Laura Lee, for this post.

Debra Kaye said...

Beautiful post. And all of God's children said AMEN.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

That was beautiful.