Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LauraLee's Lifesong 100th Post Giveaway


It's time to announce the winner of:

WEll, it's my 100th post, and I'm so excited to spend it giving stuff away. Thanks so much to all who not only entered the contest, but took the time to share their lifesongs with me and others. In all, fourteen people entered. Cool!

If you'll recall I mentioned that anyone who would post a testimony about a song that had greatly impacted their lives and how, would be qualified to enter. Whoever posted it on a website, blog or other public forum got his or her name in the hat twice. Whoever posted it as a comment or by way of email, once. So in all, there were 26 names in the hat--not bad, eh?

Here's my son Austin after mixing up the names in the hat before the drawing:

He mixed the names around really well and held the hat up high while I chose the name. I would've taken a picture of it except that he was holding the hat, and I was drawing. Besides that, I'm not picture-worthy today. LOL.

Soooooo, without further ado, here is Austin after I drew the name, literally chomping on the results:

Let me introduce you to Leah Orcutt. She is a fellow Faithwriter with an incredible gift for writing, and though I don't know her personally, her beautiful heart is quite evident in everything she writes. You can see her Lifesong Testimony by clicking here:

Walk By Faith

Congratulations, Leah. I'll tell you what you've won in JUuuuuust a minute.

To the rest of you who posted your testimony, I would like to offer you an opportunity to have it included in something new I'm going to try out on Saturdays called "Lifesong in the Limelight." I will have a guest blogger in a post that day sharing a testimony of some kind, either about a song or music, or even just a way that the Lord worked in his or her life recently.
Would you consider letting me post it here and refer back to your blog or webpage? If so, reply to me on this post and let me know. I truly believe there are fewer tools more powerful for evangelism and teaching than someone's testimony. Thank you for participating and for considering this!

Okay, I'm hearing the game show voice: "TELL HER WHAT SHE'S WON, BOB! er um LauraLee!" So are you ready?

First, I wanted to give Leah a copy of a book that is very dear to my heart (although I was going to come up with a different one if a guy won, LOL). I contributed six pieces to this book, and there are 25 other contributing authors. It is Women of Passions: Ordinary Women Serving An Extraordinary God by Jan Ross and Jeanice McDade. It is rich with testimonies and stories...women sharing their Lifesongs. I hope you'll enjoy it, Leah.

Also, I promised some music, so I want to offer Leah the choice between these CDs:

Hillsong's "This is Our God"

Bart Millard's "Hymned Again"

or Casting Crown's "The Altar and The Door Live"

Again, I am so thankful for all of you. You've blessed my week with your testimonies. Thank you!!!!

In the Key of HE,

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Patty Wysong said...

YAY for Leah!! Wohoo!
I'm looking forward to reading it!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Okay I'm going to say it again. I never win anything lol. Yes I'm going to be a soar loser but you know me well enough to know I'll get over it ha ha!
Wonderful giveaway my friend.
Blessings to you and Congrats to the winner.

Dee Yoder said...

Woo hoo, Leah! Congrats!

Sita said...

Congrats to Leah! Hey, Kim, I usually do not win anything, but I did 2 weeks ago at Amy Wyatts blog! So keep on entering..ya never know!...

Josh said...

Yay Leah! And yay for everyone else who shared their testimonies! It's all about God moving in each of our lives and us letting the world know about it.

Joanne Sher said...

Woowoo Leah!

Chely said...

Congrats, Leah! Enjoy the goodies!

Anonymous said...


I'm overwhelmed! Thanks you everyone for the encouragement!

Jesus is so good to me....just when I'm thinking He's ignoring me, I randomly win a writing contest.... :)

May you all be radically blessed as well!

Leah :)

Kathryn said...

LauraLee, congratulations on your 100th post! May the Lord continue to richly bless your faithfulness ...

Debra Kaye said...

Awesome Leah!!! Blessings, abundant blessings to you!

Laura Lee, what a great giveaway and what a fun time this was!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Leah! Congratulations and thanks for sharing. ((HUGS))

Laura, thanks for the opportunity and you are more than welcome to use mine for your Limelight thing.


Betsy Markman said...

Ok, I don't know why the Lord times things the way he does. It's been almost a whole month since you posted this, and I didn't really think I had anything to say on the subject. But last night at about 10:00 I got hit with a devotional called, "Why the Old Hymns Bring Tears." You're welcome to use it (or not) as you see fit.