Thursday, February 19, 2009

VNC Accountability

Just over a year ago, my husband set up an accountability program (with the humble willingness of our son) to install a VNC viewer* on our computers. It's some pretty incredible software. So on any given day as I'm working on my computer, I can see what he is doing on his computer too. I can actually see a copy of his monitor on my monitor.

Brian and Austin talked about the need for accountability, and my son who is going through puberty, humbly submitted to it. He's learning that as he grows up, his curiosity and his freedom can lead him to places he's never been before--a great big broken bag of it.

Not long after we installed it, my son mentioned how comforting it was to know that he was being watched, because sometimes he feels weak.

I said, "You know, honey, I feel the same way."

He said, "You do?"

"Yes, of course, but in a different way. I struggle as a mom to do what I'm supposed to do and to respond to life the way I should. But it helps me so much to know I have three pairs of eyes watching me."

"Oh, yeah, I guess you do. Huh!" He hadn't thought about it that way before obviously. It clicked.

That was a great teachable moment for me to bring up the larger subject. I reminded him of a fourth pair of eyes: those of our Father in Heaven. "God is always watching our lives," I told him. "It's just like that VNC viewer, only He doesn't just see our actions...He sees our hearts too. And that gives us built-in accountability for all of life (especially seeing as we spend a lot of it without others watching)."

I told him that if we ask God for "ways of escape" and for help with our temptations, that He will be faithful to deliver them as He watches us and protects our hearts. It was a great reminder for me too, and I'm so thankful for this lesson from my Teacher and Father as well.

Do we get this, friends?

The Lord on High sees us. He's intimately interested in our hearts, our minds and our deeds. He's not apathetic, and He's willing to fight for our hearts to be completely undivided and focused on Him. I love it that He loves me this much, and I love it that He loves my kids this much--even when I can't be there to watch.

Because the Holy Spirit lives inside of us, we have

Victorious Never-Failing Christ-powered Accountability

Thank You, Lord!

Psalm 33:13-15 (NIV)

From Heaven the LORD looks down
and sees all mankind;

from His dwelling place He watches
all who live on earth-

He who forms the hearts of all,
who considers everything they do.

*For those of you interested in this software for your teen or younger's eyes, it is free for PC users and a small charge for us Mac Users. But WELL worth it. Click here for more info:

In the Key of HE,

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LAURIE said...

Wonderful thoughts today and I believe every household should have some accountability put in place in your home, on your computer and on your tv. Teens are not the only ones being the church we see more and more addictions with pornography. It is rampant. Thanks for sharing about this today. -Blessings.

Laurie Ann said...

What a great life lesson, LauraLee. I'm so glad you shared this with us. Accountability with man and with God is a wonderful thing!

Joanne Sher said...

Incredible lesson and reminder for all of us. ANd it IS reassuring to know He cares for and loves us that much.

Yvonne said...

"Thou God seest me."

I've seen a cross stitched sampler of this verse. I thought it would be comforting if I need a friend, but convicting if I had sinned.

Thanks for reminding us, Laura. We also have each other, don't we?


bp said...

Thanks for sharing about this. I appreciate the comparison you made with our Heavenly Father.

Debbie said...

What a great reminder and good advice for parents. I am reminded of the popular term from a few years back WWJD. makes ya thinkg twice before choosing a tv show or making decisions!! Great post. God bless, Deb

Homesteader in Training said...

It's amazing how we don't have to be taught to be bad but we have to be taught to be good. Thank the Lord for His word and His mercy each and every morning!!
Loved this my friend.
Big hugs!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thanks for the tip. We've never had multiple computers in the house, and have the AFA filter on ours which has been very effective. That being said, nothing is 100%, but accountability The internet is a tricky bug. I know. I've lived the negative side as well as the positive. And since its likely NOT a fad, we'd better wise up as to how best have it serve us rather than the other way around.

Have a great weekend, friend.


Dee Yoder said...

Boy, is this true! And in all situations, I want to remember this truth: God sees all.

Christine said...

What a wonderful way to teach and also I like the extra eyes on the computer. I think there is a lot coming at our kids from all directions and can truly be overwhelming for our children and adults as well. Thank you for sharing this.

Denise said...

Such an awesome post my dear friend, love you.

Patty Wysong said...

I LOVE this!! Sooo good!!

Darling729 said...

Wow- well said LauraLee!!!