Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leaning, Learning...Living

Happy Word-Filled Wednesday!!!!!

If you will, read the following verse, study the picture...

What part of it speaks to you?

"He offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears..." 
Do you need to cry out to God?

"To the One who could save Him from death..." 
Do you need the Lord to save you from something?

Or maybe it's the picture of Jesus, face down, 
clawing His fingers into the rock.  
Knowing He was about to suffer, 
He cried out to His Father in a loud voice, 
and then pressed into Him, 
begging for strength and help in His pain.

"Reverent submission." 
Wowzer. There's a phrase you don't hear everyday. 
Jesus cried out for help and was 
reverently submissive at the same time. 
Does that strike a chord of wondering within you?

For me, the ending words are what grab me and don't let go. 
"He learned obedience from what He suffered." 
It's the act that flows from "reverent submission."

I have no problems crying out, trusting, leaning, grabbing onto Him for dear life. It is a habit, a dependence for many years.

And I learn--in my head, in my heart, even telling others what I've learned. But to take all that learning and somehow change my habits and priorities as a result? Well, lemme confess, He's still working on me there. It's about my need for comfort. My obsession with peace. My love for calm and personal space.

My earnest prayer is that He would minister to you through His Word today...reveal something hidden, great or small, that needs to come out in order to grow up in Him, in order to deepen your relationship with your Papa. I'm taking this opportunity that Word-Filled Wednesday has given me to crawl up on my Daddy's lap and ask Him to teach me while I sit and listen to Him talk. Will you do the same?

For more Word-Filled Wednesday leaning, learning and living, hike on over to:

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31 friends shared a comment:

Anonymous said...

God is showing me that when I am majorly stressed over something unimportant, (which happens quite often!) I still need to turn straight to Him instead of acting out in anger and frusteration. I have this, "I can handle it myself!" attitude that I know God wants me to change. Thanks for this meant a lot to me today!

Chris said...

This is one of the best posts i have seen... it speaks directly to my heart.

thanks for sharing it!

Denise said...

This is such a beautiful post my friend.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

yea...I'm O.K. with the petitions and prayers, even with crying and tears. It's the reverent submission that stops me in my tracks.

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Wonderful thoughts my friend. I am always looking for those nuggests of gold that just speak to my heart!
I am so thankful for a God who is so patient with me!
Blessings my friend.

Susan said...

Wow, this was incredible Laura.

I've been doing a Beth Moore study. She instructed us go "face down" each morning before we spend time in the word.

It really prepares your heart to be right before the Master!

Thanks for sharing today!!

Blessings to you♥

Beth in NC said...

He learned obedience from what He suffered. Oh wow, that is so true.

Thank you for sharing!

Happy WFW!

Mary Moss said...

Reverent submission. That's an are of growth for me. My submission is too often achieved while kicking and screaming . . . or pouting and sulking.

lori said...

ahhhhh yes...again you speak to ME! Seriously, WHERE do you hide...I've looked in every cabinet and gotta be here somewhere!

It's funny...My cafe post for tomorrow has been in there for a few weeks and it's on the SAME page as this one here...amazing!

I'm working too! Hey, I shared your STORY devo the other morning with the family...generated a lot of discussion...especially with Maddie (14) who thinks that she lives in a holding pattern waiting to be "grown up!" As if...:)

It was a perfect devo for family time! Thanks for BLESSING all of us!!
love ya!

GranthamLynn said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

This was a great post! I needed this today.

Debra Kaye said...


I know from personal experience that the blessings come from the obedience and obedience acted out in the toughest of circumstances only comes from looking straight at Jesus and submitting to Him instead of what your flesh is crying out for you to do.

This is beautiful.

Hugs to you today

Carol said...

Oh, girl! That is definitely what I've had to do - submit. Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog. :)

Joanne Sher said...

Incredible. Learning obedience from my suffering. I am - and I need every bit of learning I've got and that I know is coming.

Unknown said...

I can so relate! I love so much in my head that hasn't yet found its way into my hands and feet! May the Lord grow us mightily through the Spirit of our Savior.

Anonymous said...

Whew! This speaks to me! My hubby was recently provided an amazing opportunity all by the Grace of God. And it showed us how much HE care for us and continue to provide. It was just when we needed to hear from him too! Thanks for a great post.


Laurie Ann said...

Sweet LauraLee, reverent submission spoke to me and this is something I'm going to be studying! I began this last night, actually, in my prayers. My time with God lasted 45 mintues over one issue. Ya know the one. And then I come here and find this...He is calling me into reverent submission! My sign is confirmed and I will go forth and praise Him and be obedient to His command. Bless you, dear friend! Happy WFW!

GranthamLynn said...

Dear Laura Lee,
I already left one comment but I wanted to come back. Your amazing post brought to mind Chris Tomlin's song. I couldn't get the words out of my mind. I went to you tube and found a wonderful copy of it and posted it.
Thanks again for your post.
Please come by and visit me and pray with me that someone comes to know our Lord today.
Many Blessings,

Lisa said...

I really appreciate not only the verse you choose, but also the picture and thought-provoking questions. These deep thoughts parallel the Begin with Christ study I am doing and the processing of Pursing Wellness. Thanks!

Vikki Wright said...

Powerful picture and word! Very thought-provoking...oh to be reverently submissive and learn in my suffering! Thank you!

Sunny Shell said...

Ahhh yesssss precious sister...I'm sitting, watching, gazing and listening too. I thought that was you! Glad to know we're in the same place today sister...sided by side in our Savior's grip.

Love you!

Runner Mom said...

This was great! That illustration was so powerful! I've got to ponder and pray about reverent submission!!

Patty Wysong said...

Tremendous, Laura!
Lifting you up, much!

LisaShaw said...

Precious LauraLee, coming to your place of ministry is like visiting at the well of God's heart and being refilled time and time again.

Thank you for the beautiful prayer you left on my blog for my healing. I love you.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I am like you, in wanting peace, and personal space. This was a great post for me to read. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

WOW! This is my first time at your Blog but I will be visiting often it is beautiful!

Sita said...

I'm still working out the 'how-to' in reverent submission...asking God to 'open my eyes' this week to show me...
this was great...thank you..
Love, Sita

Anonymous said...

I am with you.....He also learnt through suffering. Yet we forget this when we ask to be made in His likeness.
No one asks for suffering, but we are all given strength in suffering.

Carrie said...

The picture and texts brings a vivid view of Christ's willing sacrifice...all the sins of the world were weighing down upon Him and separating Him from the Father. So His suffering was excruciating.

Peggy said...

Blessings LauraLee...I visited yesterday as you may have noticed but left without commenting (technical difficulties and time factor) but also to allow this WORD & picture speak to me as you asked! They speak so powerfully and yet I knew that I needed time to soak in the reflection & what is Christ saying to me...which part?

Since being a prayer warrior, an intercessor, travailing in prayer, and seemingly always crying out before to God when I lived back home, I thought I had resolved this. But your words are so true!
I can learn it, it's in my head, even in my heart, I can share it with others but am I submitting?
Is my personal life learning to obey? Am I submitting to what I learn? Am I being reverent to God in my daily activities, not my "Sunday picture perfect". Trust me, my home church has seen me without a mask, broken & spilled out before the Almighty, but where is the fruit?

So, have I learned obedience through any of my sufferings? Is that why I find myself back in the same rut or problem once again?
Grafted, pruning, clinging, weeding, watering, planting, seeding...yet the fruit?

I find your simple question from this WORD provoking a deep conviction that I'm still struggling to get it right and HE's still working on me, too! Looks like this spoke to many and some chose the high road, but for me...
the honest road...I can't even say the "road less traveled" because it should be the one we as Christians
are pursuing...the narrow gate & way. I guess you can tell why I couldn't leave just a comment because it seems to have gotten to the core of my life problems.

Though I know to keep my eyes on Jesus, though I can find the scripture that guides me, though my heart wants to submit and do what's the best or right thing, I must choices have not always been the best or a reverent submission to what I know...usually follows what I feel...and that spells TROUBLE. But I have confidence that "He who began a good work in me...He is faithful to complete it, He who started WILL...
and so will I, in Christ Jesus"

Thank you for pointing us in the right direction of "iron sharpening iron..." towards being more Christlike! I hope you have a blessed and enjoyable week in Him!

gail said...

i'm with you. the phrase reverant submission and learning obedience thru suffering resonate with me. not cuz i have it down, but cuz the Lord is still working on this area in my life.

thank you for sharing so honestly from your heart.