Monday, September 21, 2009

My First Official Speaking Engagement...

I can't remember a time in my life that was dull. God has ALWAYS called me out of my comfort zone in some way, shape or form, and this call to speak for the Mom2mom ladies of Stonebriar Community Church was no exception.

It's crazy how God works. He introduced a Mom named Dana Bailey to me through Facebook & the blogging world who has been extremely faithful with the calling God gave her. Not only does she have ten children and a Godly marriage, but she also leads this dynamic, growing ministry at Stonebriar. She HAD to be listening to the Lord's voice to take a chance on this newbie to speak, and I'm so glad she did. And on a side note, if you're a mom who wants to be involved with raising your kids for God's glory (or anything marriage & family-related), put her blog on your list to read regularly. It's called A Little This, A Little That.You will be blessed. And just so you know, God gives bonuses too, because I have a new friend. We've had a few 3 hour lunches, and we text & pray for one another regularly now. Isn't God amazing?

Back to the main theme. My ministry prayer team prayed for almost a month for me about this event, and many other friends were praying as well, that I would have courage, humility and wisdom to teach on an intro lesson to the Fruit of the Spirit. Margie, one of my prayer team members (and a dear friend), even showed up to pray with me before & during the time I would teach. Another bonus from the Lord.

I cannot speak for the ladies gathering there, but as for me, God did powerful things. He truly was faithful (isn't He always?), and He did in and through me exactly what He said He would. Some years ago, I would've made this experience all about my performance, but because of the transformation He has been busy doing in me, He led me to pray that I wouldn't. And I didn't.

That, my friends, is a miracle.

Also, He gave me proof that if I will ask for Him to get "me" out of the way, He will. And He did.

I love Him.

If God was as busy in the hearts and minds of all the other women in the room as He was in mine on Friday, then a whole lotta lotta transformation was in process. But of course! He's God. That's what He does.

Praise be to my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, who always keeps His Word. Thank You, Jesus, for reminding me that each and every time You call me to ANY task, You are faithful, and You will do it. All honor and glory to You, and You alone.


Has God called YOU to something that you need to depend on Him to do for you?
What has the Lord been faithful to do for you in the past that you couldn't have possibly done on your own?
What holds you back from trusting Him completely with the tasks He's given you?

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Dana said...

The reviews are in from the moms and they not only enjoyed your humor & "drama", but they were encouraged greatly in living in the spirit, rather than their flesh. They are more aware of when they put their cape on (living in the flesh). Thank you dear friend for being available & faithful to the Lord. He used your voice to bless many!
Love you dearly!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love it! Great job, God! And way to be used, LauraLee!! I love happy stories like that showing the mighty use of prayer and transformation! YAY!!

Dee Yoder said...

I'm just sorry that I don't live in Texas! I would have LOVED to have been there for your first talk. I'm so happy and glad for you, Laura! Love you so.

Suzanne Eller said...

I'm excited for you!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

You gotta love it when God is sooooo evident in what you are doing!! What an awesome feeling.

You know being a Mom was out of my comfort zone years ago and He did and is doing a great work in me for that! If it weren't for Him I'd be a crazy woman! LOL. Okay a crazier woman!
Love you sweet sister

Yvonne Blake said...

Yay, Lalee,
I wish I was there to hear you speak. I would have been sitting there, smiling at you, encouraging you, loving you, praying for you.


Lori Laws said...

Hi Lauralee,
How awesome. I love what you said..."That's what God does."

I've really learned about God's faithfulness in the last few years that I've been holding my support group for those with physical disabilities. I'd be sunk without Him. Period.

What a work He has done in our lives so far! And there's so much more He will accomplish through us. Have Your way Lord. Have Your way. God bless!

Patty Wysong said...

So wish I had been there! But I was praying. :)

God is so good! :)

Denise said...

Wish I could have been there, love you bunches.

Di Smith said...

Thanks for being so faithful and daring - and then for shouting out for Jesus!!! Your genuine heart is not just inspirational to me, but also helps me to see where I'm lacking.

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh I am soooo happy and thrilled to have read this post! God is so good! ANd you did it!! WOW! I am so filled with fear about speaking but I know should God ever give me another opportunity to do it, I won't say no. Glad you didn't!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm the happiest when I feel that God is using me for his kingdom. Undoubtedly he did that for you this past weekend. I celebrate your new "comfort zone"; get used to it. I don't imagine this will be the last occasion to hear God's voice via yours.

I'm heading to Myrtle Beach this weekend along these same lines and would appreciate any spare prayers. Mainly that God would shine forth and give me clarity of thought and purpose as I speak.


Jean Stockdale said...

Thank you for serving the kingdom and urging His daughters on in the faith.

I am out blog hopping and landed here. I would like to invite you to join us for an online Bible study for MOMMAS on the book of Ephesians. We are using Jean Stockdale’s workbook called “High Stepping in Heavenly Places.” The 10-week study will begin Sept.24. A workbook is available with homework for 5 days a weeks. You will also be able to watch a 45-minute weekly video or download a podcast of the message, and then share in an online discussion with other moms. Interested. Get more details at or at Jean’s blog at Blessings.

Unknown said...

Such a neat testimony how God worked through you during this! So wonderful He brought you Dana, became greater than yourself during speaking and you got to experience His Spirit moving and His greatness all through this. I am blessed today having read this.


I celebrate God's faithfulness to you as you stepped out of your comfort zone and into His! That's where He always blesses.

As for me - there are many areas where God has called me to step out - but the highlight is the beginning of Shepherd's Walk - the Prayer Walk here at Sweetbriar. We had our first Day of Prayer here on Saturaday and God was amazing!

May you trust Him for each new step you take as HE goes before in them all!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie
[JESUS - For His Name's Sake]

Carrie Stone said...

Congratulations on this event and the response you have received. Isn't it great to know that we can do ALL things through Christ Who strengthens us? I am very proud of you for doing that which seemed impossible because you know that nothing is impossible with Him.
Here's to more opportunities to share your love for Him!!

Carrie Stone

LisaShaw said...

I'm so excited for you and all that GOD is doing in your life dear sister.

He's amazing!

This is just the beginning!