Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live to Die

Warm tears streaked down my cheeks yesterday. It was the first time I had turned on the radio in awhile. See, music has always been a HUGE part of my life, but the last few years have been particularly noisy and crowded, so I find myself enjoying silence more and more. For instance, if I turn the radio on, then my kids just get louder to talk or play over it. As a result, I sorta quit bothering with it.

My husband likes constant noise. When he's home the radio is almost always on, so it's on all throughout the house and even on the back patio, and certainly in the car. But when it's me alone as of lately, my preference has simply been-----sweet silence.

As I was driving to a meeting last night, I prayed the Lord would help the time to go well, and then I felt led to turn on the radio. Weird! No, I need to pray, Lord. I need the silence. I need to think. The knob, quite frankly, did everything but reach out and grab my fingers. So I turned it on.

Above all powers,
Above all kings,
Above all nature
And all created things
Above all wisdom
And all the ways of man
You were here before the world began

I couldn't find a kleenex, but a fast food napkin would have to do. What is it about that song? It's been out for years, and each time I hear it, it still falls fresh on me. I was drawn to belt out the chorus with my mucky, weepy voice.

"Crucified, laid behind the stone
You lived to die
Rejected and alone
Like a rose trampled on the ground,
You took the fall and thought of me
Above All."

He lived to die.
He lived to die.
He was trampled on for me.
He thought of me.
Above all, He took the fall.
He lived to die.

It was in His dying, that I live in freedom today. I'm so glad He led me to turn on the radio and "give up" my silent moment. It was the most worshipful one I've had in awhile. And this morning, He continued, by leading me to 1 Peter 2:24:

He himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by His wounds you have been healed.

Today, I want to live for righteousness and die to what my self wants. Just like He did for me. I certainly don't want to trample all over Him again. Not me. Not today. With His help, and my eyes on Him above all, I can live to die today.

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Blessed One said...

It really is a beautiful song, with such a powerful message. It is so beyond amazing, to think of what He's done for us. Thanks for sharing this LauraLee.

Joanne Sher said...

You brought me to tears, my dear. So moving (and also a favorite song of mine that hits me every time I hear it too). Praying it for you - and me as well. Thank you SO much for sharing, dear.

Patty Wysong said...

I have a hard time making it through that song, too, LaLee--it just wraps itself around my soul and squeezes tight. I love it. Powerful. Worshipful...

Kristen Schiffman said...

I LOVED when Rebecca St. James remade that song a long time ago. I used to listen to it all the times - those lyrics just stir in me all the things you wrote.

I love your writing. It encourages me so.

Paula said...

This is a very special song to me. In church on Easter weekend several years ago, God gave me a picture as we sang it as a congregation. That hasn't happened to me very often and that time of communication was especially new at that time. I was thinking about Christ's sacrifice, visualizing Him on the cross. Suddenly the picture took on a life of its own and changed to an image of Jesus dancing with me, throwing His head back in delighted laughter. Then He impressed this thought upon my heart. "This is why I did it. For eternity with you."

Thanks for the reminder.

Laury said...

That song is one of my favorites, too, Laura. Music is so very powerful. Can you imagine if we didn't have it? Oh my...