Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WANTED: Body to Go with Lone Head

Oh my! If that title doesn't catch your attention, nothing will...LOL.

Yesterday, a storm blew in suddenly. The wind was blowing at about 50-60 mph (according to the news reports), and I was amazed as I looked out the window. I checked to make sure that my iron patio chairs were not going to blow away or through the windows.

Shocked as I could be, I gasped when a head blew over my fence and onto my patio. It was a doll head, thank goodness. But a head nonetheless. And it landed perfectly on the ground, staring there through the rest of the storm. It was actually kinda creepy! Ever since, I've been contemplating whether I should send an email out to the neighborhood through the Homeowner's Association forum. But what would I say that doesn't sound ridiculous? My conscience is going to have the better of me, though, because I keep picturing some little girl crying over her headless doll. I wouldn't be surprised if an email didn't come across the forum saying: WANTED: Head to Go with Lone Body.

Decisions, decisions. Make a fool out of myself or have nightmares about a little girl crying? Reputation vs. Conscience? I guess it's a "no-brainer," right?

What do you think? I guess I could always go door to door...

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Patty Wysong said...

LoL--I love that! Too bad it wasn't a lone BRAIN!! I need one of those!

Kristen Schiffman said...

OH SO HILARIOUS!! I cannot believe that! lol. And if you do send out that email, please post it here. I've just got to see how you word it.

So funny.

Laury said...

Laura, I would say throw the head away but I know you would have nightmares! LOL! Take a picture of it and put out lost and find signs:) How about that idea?! LOL!