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Supernatural Acts of Kindness

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Subject: I’m DESPERATE!

On 4/16/07 10:55 AM, Jennifer Miller wrote:


I’m sorry I haven’t called you back, but I don’t think I could talk if I wanted to. I’m really strung out taking care of grandmom right now. I’m so afraid she’s going to fall that I can’t even sleep. Sheer exhaustion.

The medicare office said they’d send someone over for TWO lousy hours a week, Lainey! How am I supposed to do all this and manage the kids, too?

I know this stress will pass, but PLEASE pray for me. I could use a supernatural touch.


After pushing the send button, I fell to my knees in prayer. Lainey will pray, Lord. But I feel like I’m beyond help. I know You’re there, but I beg you to let me feel You in a real way.

I spent the next few minutes pouring out my weary soul to the only One that could fully understand. A deep thump and a clank sounded. I knew that Grandmom had fallen and hit the side of the bed’s metal frame.

“MOM!” my nine-year-old screamed from the bottom of the stairs, “Grandmammy fell again!”

“I’m coming!” I yelled as I flew down the stairs.

When I got to her room, Grandmom was trying to pull herself up using the iron post of the bed. I stood over her and carefully grabbed her arms. “Here, let me help, ok?”

She smiled, and her eyes twinkled a "thank you," though they had that far away look in them again. “Okay,” she feebly responded.

While straining to get her back in bed, I gently scolded her: “Grandmom, you’ve GOT to stay in bed unless I help you, ok? It’s not safe for you to do it by yourself. Please use the bell to call for me, alright?”

It was only moments later that she was asleep again. Thank goodness. I tiptoed out of the room. My little ones were anxiously waiting outside the door.

“Mom, is Grandmammy ok?”

“Did she fall?”

“Yes, but she’s all right now,” I reassured them tenderly.

“Mom, Mrs. Jones called. She said that she wanted to bring you over some dinner tonight,” my daughter reported.

My youngest chimed in, “Yea, lasagna—YUCK!”

Oh, Lord, please give me patience!

The phone rang, and I saw it was my mentor at church. I can’t face her right now, I thought. Yet as the answering machine picked up, I heard her lift up a prayer on my behalf. It moved me.

The doorbell interrupted her prayer message, and the dog began barking at the door. What now? Impatience built with each disruption.

“Stop barking, Sally!” I snapped.

I opened the door to find my dear friend Laurie standing there. “I’d like for them to come and do homework with us for awhile, if that’s okay?”

My kids began to pull and beg at me.

“I don’t know what to say, Laurie," I spoke as the tears welled up in my eyes. "Um, sure...sure they can go. Thanks.”

She gave me a big hug and a knowing look. “Oh, and here’s your mail.”

I waved as she drove away with the kids in the back of her Suburban, and I collapsed into the first chair I could find. A feeling of thankfulness overwhelmed me. Thank you for the break, God.

As I remembered the pile of mail in hand, a card from my Bible Study group was on top. I hadn’t been able to go for several weeks, and it had just added to my sorry state of mind. When I flipped open the card, all of them had written a personal note, but it was the scripture in the center that grabbed me:

“You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted;
You encourage them and listen to their cry.”

Psalm 10:17

Oh, Father—You heard my cry…

It was as if God had reached down and caught my fallen spirit through the words and actions of the Christian friends He had provided for me. Refreshed and renewed, I went back to Grandmom’s room to show her the mail that had come for her: Two cards from her dear church friends, and a note from the Pastor. I was glad to find her awake.

We both cried together and spent some time by the side of the bed, thanking God for His supernatural acts of kindness.

***********inspired by my own life experiences***********

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Dee said...

This is a lovely and tender story about the overwhelming work of the care giver, Laura. I like the way you brought the Lord's peace and love to the MC with many people and in many ways.

Laury said...

I love this story, Lalee:)

Kristen Schiffman said...

I cannot tell you how much I love your writing because words fail me. I LOVE how you take everyday "stories" and make them so alive and real with Christ's power.

Excellent, again.

Patty Wysong said...

Oh, LaLee, this is excellent. I've been in those same shoes when my sisters when have come alongside me and cared for me and loved me. Sisters of which you're one of...

This brought tears to my eyes and I'm so thankful for how God carried you through that time in your life.

Joanne Sher said...

Oh, could I ever relate - and you shared this masterfully, my friend. Excellent, and a total blessing to me.

Josh said...

Is this a true story Laura? Very powerful in the way that you told it. My mom is going through a similar struggle right now helping with both my grandmother and my niece. I think I will recommend that she read this.

Blessed One said...

Wow, this is beautiful and touching and you brought tears to my eyes. It is so hard watching someone we love grow old and feeble, and harder yet if we bear the weight of being the caretaker. Thank you for sharing it. I'm sure many people will find comfort in your words. Bless you!

The Surrendered Scribe said...

Oh you brought 2003-4 right back to life for me, what a real depiction of a caregiver's situation. on another note, I am so impressed with how many lovely comments you leave me and what an encourager you are. Thank you, friend!