Tuesday, August 5, 2008

May My Lifesong Keep Singing to Him

I've come off an extremely busy two weeks, with barely time to breathe. Most of the people who read this blog know me as someone who loves to write for Jesus. But these past weeks, God has called me to use another set of gifts. For the past eighteen years (longer really), the Lord has used me to lead children in worship and production. I've been so dedicated to it, that most people think that I am paid to do it (which is not the case). When it's time for a production or a special event, it consumes every ounce of me, so that's why I haven't been able to blog or comment much. As a mama of three and a wife, I can only do so much at once with my time, so the writing had to be put on hold. And oh, how I missed it! ;)

In the course of these days, I've neglected to acknowledge some special honors I've been given in this incredible world of blogging. It is not for a lack of appreciation; rather, a lack of time. So I want to--no, I neeeeeed to--take some time to tell these 4 ladies how much their honor means to me, probably even more today when I'm feeling the ministry crash than it would've during the days of my busyness.

1. Kim, at Homesteader's Heart honored me with the Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 blog award. Thank you so much, Kim. If you haven't visited her blog, you are missing great humor, incredible insight on getting organized, and magnificent originality and authenticity.

2. Then Kristen from Exemplify also passed the Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 award on to me too. Wowzer. Truly humbled to receive this from such a gifted writer and Godly lady. Thank you, Kristen.

3. Sweet Tracy, after her incredible Fruit of the Spirit series, who has now started a series on Choosing Life then chose to bless my life with the Arte y Pico blog award. Thanks, sister.

4. Then out of the blue, in my junk folder yesterday (or maybe the day before, I can't remember), I found a precious email from a lady I have never met before telling me that God had laid on her heart to highlight my blog on her Wednesday Wisdom post. As I've looked around "Peculiar's" site (yes, she calls herself Peculiar, which has already endeared me to her), I have enjoyed her unique voice and incredible wisdom and teaching. Can't wait to know her better. Thank you, Peculiar, for taking the time to not only send me a note, but also to honor me publicly. You have humbled me more than you will ever know.

Last but not least, I want to thank Christian Women Online for choosing LauraLee's Lifesong for blog of the month in July. It has helped me to get to know many other incredible bloggers that I may not have met otherwise, not to mention, encouraged me beyond measure to continue to pursue my writing goals. I truly cannot thank you enough.

I pray from the depths of my heart that my Lifesong--the one my Lord and Maker has given for me to write, sing, speak and act upon--will continue to put HIs melody into the heart of others. That is my goal. While these honors could have a tendency to make me feel big in my own eyes, I pray just the opposite: that Jesus Christ would be the only One you see. In my next post, I will pass some blogs on that have ministered to me lately. May all of our Lifesongs combined be a choir of praise for Him.

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Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

That is one of my most favorite favorite songs. LauraLee I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I get such encouragement from yours. I'm glad you are semi back. Like I said I didn't want to have to get all serious and start posting devotionals again lol. As you can see by your awards you are great at the gift God has given you. I pray for strength for you to keep going my friend.
Blessings to you!!

Peculiar said...


My Word!! I pause here because my eyes are clouded with tears. God is good, isn't He?!! I see myself as the lines from an old Gospel song from long ago that goes like this: "You see, I'm just a Nobody, trying to tell Everybody about Somebody who can change Anybody." That's me LauraLee.

I just love Him so much and life is nothing nor can I do anything--write, breathe, anything, without Him. I have a heart to use any venue or outlet He has given me opportunity to use to let somebody know about Him some kind of way. Sometimes, it's just living Jesus in front of someone. Whatever method He chooses, I'm a willing and empty vessel.

Thank you so much for the words you spoke about me and the blog. I'm so shocked because I see myself as this small pebble in a big ocean who never thought many people read me. I wasn't connected to and knew nothing about the "big blog people" when I got started so, I didn't expect I'd really be recognized at any point. I was okay with that, because I thought it would just be an outlet for me. I'm not a big computer person. You can tell that by looking at my blog:)

You've given validity in places that I wasn't looking and didn't think about, but am happy to accept with no pride. All glory and honor to God.

You've made my day and my heart is glad. God is so good to me. He uses things like this, to speak to me and be gracious to me. God's love is so precious.

Praying you have a great rest of the week. I'm going on a missions trip Thursday, but I'll be checking in on you regularly after that.

Kristen Schiffman said...


You know I love your blog. And your heart for Christ. I cannot think of one more deserving of these awards in this moment...you truly write for His renown.

I know how busy things are - I feel the same way!! So, don't worry about the 6 Things Meme unless you want to do it in some spare time. : )

Joanne Sher said...

Bless you, dear. don't know what else to say. You are SO deserving, sweetiepie. :)

Laury said...

Love your blog, Laura and love you loads!

midspoint said...

LauraLee...you have blessed me more than you can know...to be hunted down by a friend is an honor and I appreciate your prayers for my life!

This site is as lovely as you are, and I'm adding you to my Blog Roll...