Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In View of God's Mercies...

Happy Word-Filled Wednesday!!!!!

Lord, when I stop and reflect on the mercies You have given me...

I remember love, the kind that will never separate from me.
I remember grace, undeserved.
I remember the Holy Spirit, given to dwell inside of me, lead me, guide me.
I remember peace, supernatural.
I remember saving faith.
I remember patience, kindness, hope and comfort--imagine living life without these?
Glory and honor.
Forgiveness and reconciliation, thank You, God!
Righteousness and justification.
FREEDOM! (Can I hear an "Amen"?)
Eternal life and resurrection.
Sonship & Security.

I remember these mercies (and so many more), and I am overwhelmed. Do I even deserve one of them?

So what is my response, Lord?

Father God, thank You. Your mercies overwhelm me. I give myself to You this day--my soul, my mind, my body, my heart. I'm Yours, Lord. Take me and use me, or let me be still and hear Your voice. In You, I'll live and move and have my being. In You, I'll find my rest. It's in Your merciful name I pray, Amen.

For more beauty mixed with Truth or to join in on this WFW meme, go here:

In the Key of HE,

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Denise said...

So lovely dear one.

Susan Storm Smith said...

Serenity and truth in the early morning, great way to start the day

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Amen! I wish I could wake up like that every day. I know some days I don't have new mercies!*sigh* I'm working on it though.

Joyfull said...

Absolutely beautiful! How thankful we are for God's mercies!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful verse and photo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura Lee,
What wonderful encouraging thoughts. I love Romans 12:1-2...

Laurie Ann said...

LauraLee, I love it! The Scripture mixed with your thoughts...and such a beautiful picture! Great post, dear friend. I so love your heart!

Jenifer said...

May we be living sacrifices to You today, oh Father. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

Happy WFW! Blessings!

Debra Kaye said...


Beautiful post, sweet friend. I'm so behind with blogging with tending to Jay. He had a cyst removed from a very tender area...
we are awaiting the pathology report.

He is getting stronger physically everyday. Thank you for your kind words this morning.

((hugs)) to you

Peggy said...

Blessings LauraLee...Amen! Thank you for presenting all His great mercies! I listed this last night for my Thankful Challenge...just not as exquisite & full as yours...your song of words overwhelm me and the knowledge that we do not deserve one but there by the Grace of God...

Your graphic & verse in response to your outpouring is Beautiful ended best be a heartfelt surrendering prayer...what more can we give ...then our ALL! Thank you!Enjoy!

lori said...

WOWZER...(I heard that from somewhere:)) We are living in parallel universes...Mine was Romans 2:2....hmmmmmmm....
We are meditating on the same things!:)

Have a PEACEFUL day Lauralee...I know it's been a rough few days!;)

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love that verse. Happy WFW.

Joan said...

Great Post.
Thanks for sharing!


Alexis said...

I just LOVED your post... thank you SO much!!

Anonymous said...


such encouraging thoughts.


Sunny Shell said...

Absolutely you can get an AMEN! Here, I'll give you two...AMEN!!! Okay, I'm feeling generous....AMEN!!!

I LOVED this dear sister! WOW! That's right! Preach it girl! In view of God's mercy....may we ALWAYS live in view of His mercy towards us! I think if we all did this with every breath, we'd all live very different lives....I know I sure would! :-)

Love you so much!

Anonymous said...


Leaon Mary said...

I could sure use this
to start my day too.

Terri Tiffany said...

I left a comment and then couldn't tell if it took so Maybe I will be repeating myself--but thanks for stopping by my blog today. Love your thoughts in this post.
We are in the same book so I will go read yours!
Sooo---if this is a duplicate--sorry!

HennHouse said...

Beautiful! I loved how you mixed up all the different fonts.

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Amen! What a great post! I have been learning more and more about offering the body as a living sacrifice. It is not an easy lesson to learn. Thanks for the reminder why I am doing it!

Kelly said...

I have so enjoyed your blog. You really do encourage me through your writing.. through your walk with the Lord. You resonate His beauty!!!! A heart felt thank you!

Blessed Among Women said...

You have an award at my blog waiting for you!

Amydeanne said...

great post!

and btw, "in the key of he" always makes me giggle.. it's such a fun way to sign your name!

Bonnie W said...

Dear LauraLee,

Thanks for checking up on me the other day. So many of my wonderful friends have e-mailed to ask what's up since I haven't been blogging much lately.

No, nothing bad is going on - the Lord has been doing some pretty great things - like helping me take off 39 pounds.

But to do it, I've gotten involved in a site called Spark People. I've been logging my food intake and exercise as well as reading all the health e-mails they send out and being involved with a team of great pastors'wives who are also losing weight there. I have needed to be avtice there to stay motivated.

God has been so good - my arthritic knees are feeling better - so much so that I can walk and stand for longer periods of time again. My BP is getting better and I have more energy now. Things were getting pretty bad for me physically so the Lord knows I needed this.

I started out at 299 pounds and am now at 260 so I have a loooong way to go, but thank the Lord, it is working!

The problem is that getting healthy has become a priority and I have had to cut out some of the other online things I was doing so that I still have time to write. Bummer because I miss everyone.

Thanks again for the prayers and for checking up on me.

Anonymous said...

Hi fellow-Texan! I stumbled across your blog tonight and I read and read. Loved it! Thanks for the reminders of all of God's mercies.


Joanne Sher said...

Ooooooh, lovely! Such incredible truth.