Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Blessings

Today, I am so thankful for many, many blessings.

I'm thankful for A Sovereign God, A Saving God, A Sacrificing God. You are so worthy to be praised, Lord.

I'm thankful for my husband, a man who leads our family in the Lord each and every day, and who loves me more than I ever thought possible. I love you, Brian.

I'm thankful for my Austin, my firstborn new turned man. You may be thirteen, you may have a shady upper lip, your deep voice may make me quiver, and your towering height may be a bit on the intimidating side, but you will ALWAYS be my one and only son. And you will NEVER outgrow my love. That's all I'm sayin!

I'm thankful for my AnaLee, my spirited firstborn daughter. Ten, going on sixteen, you are so full of life and talent. You blow me away with the way you think and the passionate heart you have for Jesus and others. You will NEVER outperform His love for you. And I love you way down deep.

I'm thankful for my AllyPup, my baby, my dog-lovin diva. You shower me with hugs and kisses every day, and your desire to have peace with others truly ministers to me. God's blessed you with a gift to write and to imagine, and I love that about you. Your life story is still being written, and I'm thankful to be a part of it.

For my big sister and my best friend. You bless me and understand me like no other person on earth. And for John, Haley Grace, Sabrina and! My life is wayyyyyyyyy blessed.

For Brian's family (mine too), Mama Linda/Gramma (we miss you!), and for Tracy, Ken, Preston & was one year ago, we were sitting together and enjoying our Turkey and our blessings. We'll miss you this year! Will it snow today, or was that just a performance for us in New Mexico last year?

For Carolyn, who we'll get to spend Thanksgiving with this bless us in so many ways!

For Christa, my best friend (so far away now). How FAR did you have to GO? And for the close friendship our entire family shares...

For close friends (the TMI crew), for jewelly friends (they know who they are), for faithwriting friends, for blogging friends, for ministry friends...

For my kids' worship extended family...

For a great church that puts Christ first...

For every need met...every provision (and they are numerous)...

For all the Lord has brought our family through...

For a faith that trumps dysfunction.

For grace. Without it, I would be in total despair.

I could go on for hours, but we gotta get ready to eat!

In the Key of HE,

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Patty Wysong said...

Well nuts! Now I need a tissue! What a shiny jewel you are, sweetie, and I'm so thankful for YOU!!
Bunches of huggles!!

Yvonne Blake said...

I need to count my blessings too:

my husband
my children and in-laws
my parents
my brothers and wives and nephew
my church family
my country
my home
my friends, neighbors, and online friends, and jewel sisters
being able to laugh and cry and sing and read and write and love
(I could go on and on...)

I love you, Laura!


Laury said...

Love you, Laura. I am so thankful for my jewely friends, too.

Denise said...

Bless you dear one, I am thankful for you.

BethL said...

Beautiful sentiments from a full heart. I'm thanksful for you. <3 & (((hugs)))

Joanne Sher said...

Just beautiful, and so heartfelt. You made me all mushy inside. Lovely. And you KNOW I'm thankful for you too, my dear!